Carina Wagenaar

Artist Carina Wagenaar (NL, 1969) graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Her life-sized medallions are intriguing wall objects. These unique crossovers in art, fashion and design are inspired by cameos, small medallions, lace, relics and narrative symbolism. Expressions of feelings, thoughts, spirituality and world events are translated into these large works of art. Her work is highly appreciated internationally and has been seen in recent years in Milan, New York, Paris, London, Florence, Dubai, and various places in the Netherlands.

Carina introduced her luxurious medallion artworks to the art and design loving world. In every unique work she creates, her vision of the importance of details can be found. Historically, the shape of the medallion has been linked to a way of preserving valuable and personal things. She translates information into a new 3D world behind semicircular acrylic glass.

If you look closely at the contents of the medallions you will enter a new world. These modern cameos come into being using all the abundance we have on this earth. With a view to sustainability, it is very important to recreate from this abundance. The medallion artworks are made up of all kinds of known and lesser known objects. Telling stories, creating new worlds and marveling people is something she likes to do. Within her works Wagenaar combines nostalgic feelings with both classic and modern, playful and tough elements.

There are plenty of stories to tell and themes to work with. For example, she has created a series based on human processes. Periods everyone experiences in a similar way. Titles such as ‘Personal Identity’ and ‘Faith’ refer to this.

Everyday stories also attract her attention. In the works known as ‘Can we flush it’ and ‘Same Source Frequency’, she lets people think about the situation in the world. She invites the viewer to take a good look and record all the details. It is the art of zooming in and out.

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