Max Pedreira

Max Pedreira has an overwhelming spirit, who lets his anguish and emotions flow with identity in his how to say with painting, drawing, line, matter, color ... from where he builds the difficult path that leads to the depths of being , where his own inner world is manifested and from there he extracts, with courage, without banality, or current complexes, his humble and solid truths.

The painting is resignified in the discovery of new metaphors, it is revealed to us through sensitivity, the burden of the personal imprint that is the mirror of the painter and of the man.

Max imposes complex compositions on his imprint, where the human figure is immersed in labyrinths of compositional rhythms, expanding in the whole with unity in the space of the work, where the arabesques assemble a web that invites the viewer to contemplate the rhythms that it imposes the color, where deep black contrasts are complemented by the dominant saturated reds, yellows and greens ... the expressionist tone of the figuration joins the planes of symbolic spaces in absolute harmony, here is the paradox, the complex does not shy away or avoid, on the contrary, it captures the viewer's contemplation… It is his works that invite us to take a deep look.

Here it is interesting to observe, while the zapping culture advances in the visual whirlwind, in painters such as Max Pedreira, their works trap us to deposit more than one glance in it, which makes time delay, and transports us to recover the time of contemplation, dreaming, where pictorial poetry becomes visible, painting thus reaffirms its intact expressive qualities, for those who still take the risk of penetrating its mystery and discovering the metaphors that are revealed in matter, light , the color ... that is to say in The Painting.

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