Max Pedreira

Max Pedreira is an artist with an overwhelming spirit, who lets his anguish and emotions flow and manifest themselves in his paintings, drawings, lines, matter, colour. Thence he charts a difficult path leading the viewer to the depths of being – to the artist’s own inner world. It is a source of courage, humility and solid truths, presented without banality or simplicity.

The paintings constitute a discovery of new metaphors, which are revealed to the public through sensitivity. The works function as a mirror to the burden of the personal imprint carried by the artist.

Max uses highly complex compositions, where the human figure is immersed in labyrinths of fluctuating rhythms of colour and pattern, establishing unity with space. Intricate arabesques assemble a web that invites the viewer to contemplate tantalising movements of these captivating pieces. The colour palette, where deep black is positioned in sharp contrast to dominant, saturated reds, yellows and greens, endows the works with an expressionist tone. Complex elements are not hidden. On the contrary, they remain in plain view, capturing the viewer’s attention and inviting to take a deeper, closer look.

Works of artists such as Max Pedreira tend to trap the spectator. They actively demand more than one, quick glance. Paintings change our perception of temporality while transporting the viewers to an abstract space of contemplation, dreaming, where pictorial poetry becomes visible. The painting reaffirms its intact expressive qualities, but only for those who still take the risk of penetrating its mystery and discovering the metaphors that are hidden in the work’s matter, light, composition, and colour.

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