Joaquin Valdez

Joaquin Valdez Macher is a self-taught artist based in Chicago.  With an educational background in print and design, and graduating with First Class Honors, Joaquin’s paintings demonstrate influence from elements of line and striking color. His subjects are illustrative, however unlike their graphic-art counterparts, Joaquin’s work imparts strong narrative that is easily translated and highly emotive.

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Joaquin lived in Spain for four years where he obtained his degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Following his professional success in advertising and design, Joaquin invested the visual skills he acquired into his vocation as a freelance artist, producing several commissioned pieces on canvas for various clients. With “perseverance, passion and creativity” at the core of his work, Valdez’s artistic aim continues to be the ongoing development of his skills and talent in both illustration and painting.

With a progressive approach and a relatively recent addition to the contemporary art scene, Joaquin Valdez Macher is an artist to watch.

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