Juan Carlos Navarro

Mexican visual artist, Juan Carlos Navarro Sanchez, was born in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, on December 22, 1975. His interest in art began in childhood, when he was recognised with an outstanding talent for drawing and painting. The techniques he learned during adolescence were the use of pastels, charcoal, acrylic and oil, which are the basis for his practice now. Currently, he focuses on mixing these techniques  while developing his own unique style in a self-taught way, which denotes his creative spirit. 

Among his most outstanding works are Kinetic Sound Image, Non-Linear Linear and Natural. 

In Cinetic Sound Image, the artist expresses his academic interest in engineering and architecture with the influence of cubism projected on his canvases. The light, figure and space play key roles in his collections, by creating together a visual symphony presented in a concrete way. Colours create a rhythm of the saxophone, piano, percussion and other instruments magically intertwined. Each of the works in this collection alludes to jazz imaginary of legendary North American cities. 

The collection entitled Lineal Non-Linear, shows form and substance in fusion, that is, the dual world and non-dualism in unity. He tackles the issue of ordinary reality and its relationship with the spiritual world, approaching it from the graphic perspective of paint, while expressing mysticism. It is the representation of the being that inhabits a captivating spiritual world.

In Naturales the continuity of life in constant transformation is represented. It is the transmutation of the human experience and its natural environment as a whole, without end. On each canvas, stroke by stroke, beings are brought to life to show how the spirit of nature emerges from their heads, creating a representation of the essence of unity and creation, as the artist himself says: “In Naturals , the spirit shows itself even through abstraction.”

Navarro manages to capture the beauty of being and the vital energy beating in each branch, leaf, fruit or environment of the animal world, but, above all, it manages to express the spiritual awakening that takes root in the mind and is nourished by contemplation. In each of these beings, the materiality and the need to go towards the internal realm led by the voice of the soul can be seen in the human body. The artist conveys the understanding of life as one with the whole universe in the moment of constant evolution. The presented figures express the joy of their transformation, they emanate light of a being at peace with itself.

In addition, the painter has been internationally renowned for more than a decade as an engraver experimenting with various techniques, standing out with his works with strong water, ink water, direct acid, interventions with colour and an eclectic mix of all.

In short, his creations take us to an ethereal, creative and incorporeal universe, a space of conjunction between matter and spirit, managing to express the world of the invisible in the tangible. The art he creates expresses unity, completeness and eternity.

His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in more than 40 collective exhibitions and more than 20 individual ones. Of the more than 30 exhibitions in the country of Mexico, those held in Jalisco have been particularly outstanding, notably those in Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Ribera de Chapala, as well as those in Mexico City, Zacatecas, Oaxaca, Colima, Guanajuato, Mexicali, Baja California, and Hermosillo, Sonora, among other places. Regarding international exhibitions, his works have been presented in California, New York, Houston, McAllen, and also in Paris, France, in 2015.

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