Paolo Pilotti

Paolo Pilotti's (b.1982, Rome ) art is a carnival of colors and sparkling shades. A precious selection of embroidered fabrics transforms the art pieces into a shimmering parade that astonishes the eye of the observer, leaving mouths wide open in amazement and instilling a bizarre desire to touch. At the age of 3, Paolo picked up his first coloring crayon, with his left hand and hasn’t stopped coloring since. His innate passion for art has guided him throughout his education: after his high school diploma at Art school, he went on to achieve a Master’s degree at the Accademia Delle Belle Arti of Rome, in Painting and Web Design, with his final thesis on the Anatomy. Over the years, his work has been on display in several personal exhibits, as well as group exhibits in various art galleries across Italy and Asia.

Pilotti has a skilled hand, which serves a flashy imagination. The art of the past, especially the Italian Renaissance remains the focal point of his work and the human body becomes an inexhaustible source of compositions, sometimes pushed to the limit, which implies a conflict between beauty, tradition, and the human anatomy itself. Botox lips, tattoos, colored hair, and famous brands, are all elements of the present perfectly inserted in the figurative tradition of the past Pilotti’s surgical aesthetic flaunts hyperbolic beauty pushed to the extreme and driven beyond the beauty standards of traditional figurative art, but perfectly part of the era which we live in, ruled by the dogma of the “filler”.

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