Hesther Van Doornum

Hesther van Doornum (1973) is an independent Contemporary Artist. The open attitude of her models radiates vulnerability as well as strength. This is enhanced by their transparency.  Because of these faces her canvasses exist; a landscape of women.

People, particularly women, are a key element in her paintings. The choice of subject, expressive use of colour, composition and clearly visible strokes make her work a symbiosis of reason, feeling and symbolism. "Powerful, sensual women who are not frightened to show their vulnerability.”

“The paintings are therefore based on real people or photographs at first, different people, just to get the correct proportions. I use a part of their face to make a sketch - a first raw composition. Often even based on a few people with different facial features at the same time. When I start painting they change throughout the process (except for when I paint a portrait on commission, then I have to preserve these facial features of the model). Shapes of eyes, noses, mouths, shades and shadows change in favour of a balanced composition in combination with the right atmosphere I want to endorse with each particular painting. These atmospheres I cannot put into words since I am not a poet or a songwriter nor a composer; my poets, my songs and my symphonies are my artworks. They are there to behold and experience by the onlookers.”    -Hesther Van Doornum

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