Konstantinos Skopelitis

Konstantinos Skopelitis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1973. He started drawing from a very early age, his journey started as a self-taught artist. As he felt the need to explore new skills, he seek training at the School of Fine Arts. This school prepares young artists to take exams for the University of Fine Arts. He developed his skills and learnt a lot about himself.

 “Drawing whatever triggered my wild imagination. Faces, scenes from photos, songs I love, a place I visited, an old dusty book, vintage items, through the lens of a pop-art interpretation. 

 My inspiration is hidden and found everywhere in life. My technique can cover mixed media from acrylic, ink, oil, collage among others. Every inspiration is a new journey. Every journey is a new challenge; a challenge I am always willing to take up.” 

 He usually works on old book pages making them his own canvas. A new story covers the old one, fulfilling or maybe changing the meaning. It depends on the viewer and his need to understand why.

News and stories. Women jumping out of book pages bringing their own stories abroad in an urban-comic aesthetic.

Inspiration can come from anything. A waitress in a Twenty Century bistro bar in Montmartre. A lady singer on a bridge in Prague. A girl smoking standing against a wall somewhere in East London. A graffiti in East Berlin. The woman standing next to him, the most fulfilling element of his life.

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