Marion Cadet

Marion was born in 1989 in Paris and has been painting since she was very young. She graduated from Versailles Architectural school in 2013, she left her agency job one year later to professionally dedicate herself to art, her initial passion. In November 2014, she was selected to attend to the “Salon Annuel des Artistes Français” (French Association exhibition) at the Grand Palais in Paris. There, her peers rewarded her the bronze medal, strengthening the young artists in her life choices to embrace her new career.

She now lives and works closed to Annecy.

"Black & White" artwork is part of the artist's research on contemporary femininity, inspired by women of her generation. Black and white emphasizes the contrast between the violence of dark marks on bright background and the expression of ephemeral feelings. The contradiction lies also in the precision of details and the rough technique revealing both sketched and photographic aspect, questioning the legitimacy to paint a snapshot, in a numeric area.

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