Bore Ivanoff

Originally from Eastern Europe, Boré Ivanoff is a painter who has been living and working in Paris since 2001.

Paris, an inexhaustible source of inspiration in his works. Passionate about urban landscapes, Boré Ivanoff  has been painting views of Paris since 2012. Subtle blend of glory, pain and suffering, the city of light is his greatest source of inspiration. Trying to intrigue and surprise his audience, he focuses on transcribing an unconventional Paris, unexpected, enigmatic, and in a way "never before seen”.

Sophisticated and complex, Boré Ivanoff's works oscillate between abstraction and realism. The artist manipulates shapes and colours and reinvents reality to make it subtly abstract but always recognizable. In his compositions, interiors and exteriors intermingle and seem inseparable as Boré experiments and explores the boundaries of reality.