Anna Varella

Anna Varella was born in Moscow in 1971 to a family of engineers. 

In 1990 she was accepted at the MHPU (Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry). She studied at the Faculty of Industrial Design for six years and evolved as an artist during those years. 

After she graduated, she moved to Cyprus.

'I was painting portraits for the first 15 years of my life on the island. I was also drawing sketches on the street, thousands of them with diverse faces and types, as is a common practice among artists. It was great practice and a valuable experience. At the same time I was ‘seeking to find myself’; I was experimenting with different genres: patchwork, graphics and painting. Only once I was nearing my forties, I discovered my own personal style, technique and theme. I work with acrylic, mainly on wood. I love it for its texture and warmth’.  Anna Varella

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