Caio Locke

Shaped between his life in the UK and a strong connection to Brazil, Caio Locke interweaves interior and exterior worlds in the setting of his parareal cities. Architecture lends a structure in which to explore personal preoccupations with philosophy, culture, history and concepts of the future. For the last decade, he has been working within the mediums of painting, design and sculpture. 

Through unique and meticulous handling of colour and pattern, Locke employs perspective anomalies, optical depth, and Escher-like paradoxes to achieve his intricate compositions. His distinctive layering owes its beginnings to etching, a discipline he learned in his formative years. The results bespeak a combination of mathematical diligence and controlled abstraction. Reality is sieved through an atemporal dream filter that assimilates recognisable motifs into utopian projections akin to a hypnagogic state of consciousness, the sensation of transitioning between wakefulness and sleep. From this parallel vantage point, he addresses themes of self-transcendence and Hegelian synthesis between inner and outer realities. His paintings place the viewer upon a threshold between time, dream, and reality, both potential and actual, where the manmade entwines with patterns and shapes resonant with the natural world.

His work is collected and exhibited in the UK and internationally and has been displayed at prestigious locations including the Royal Museum of Scotland, Christies, London, Firstsite, Colchester, and Royal Hospital Chelsea. His principal solo shows have been held at Embassy of Brazil, London, HKS Architects, Fitzrovia, Oaktree & Tiger Gallery, Hoxton Gallery, Cobden Club, and Rook and Raven Gallery. He has been commissioned on major public art projects such as the Fabergé Egg Parade, London Elephant Parade and the BFG Dream Jar collaboration with Steven Spielberg. 

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