Matlakas was born in Naples, Italy. His background broadens to the fields of painting, performance, sculpture and Installation. After his degree in classical sculpture in Naples, he moved to London where he studied to a Master in “Social Sculpture” at Oxford Brookes University. He considers himself a multidisciplinary artist with concerns of a social sculpture practitioner. His interest focuses on the search of inner truth. His work is multidisciplinary, he uses the media necessary for a specific project. He believes the media to be the voice of the idea, and the voice has to have a specific character in different context, that's why he likes choosing a variety of different tones. He sees visual art as music, as he believes that physical objects are made out of vibration. He participated to exhibitions and performance events including: Biennale of young artists in Moscow, Gwangju Biennale in South Korea, The Museum of Palestine in Cape Town and the institute of Palestine in South Africa.