Jordi Díez Fernández

Graduated Summa Cum Laude in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, the sculptor Jordi Díez opened his first workshop in Fresnedillas de la Oliva (Madrid) in 1989. In that small villagehe isolated for three years and configured outthe sculptural concept of his work.

Figurative expression, especially the human figure, is the axis on which his work revolves. In the different stages of his work, he highlights the use of different materials and their handling: stone, iron, wood and terracotta. For Jordi Díez, these materials are the prelude to working exclusively with stainless steel, a metal that provides light, among many other qualities, and that turns his creations into an artistic novelty, admired by experts in figurative and contemporary art. For the artist, the beauty of the different materials already contains an own discourse that enhances expression.

His work is distributed in museums, temples, public spaces and private collections around the world. He is currently immersed in sculptural projects in San Francisco, Barcelona, ​​Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan, where he attended as an invited artist at the A.R.T., Art Revolution Taipei 2015.

He is considered one of the Spanish sculptors with the greatest international projection.

He currently lives and works in Centelles (Barcelona).


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