Dita Luse

Dita was born in Riga, Latvia in 1972, in artists' family and begun her art education when she was very young. During her studies she spent a year studying art at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, she graduated from the Department of Monumental Painting of the Art Academy of Latvia with Master's degree in 1996 and had her first solo exhibition in 1998. She has had over 30 solo shows since then and has participated in numerous group exhibitions worldwide. Her works are in private collections in Latvia, Lithuania, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, Taiwan UK, USA, and elsewhere. Dita has been the finalist at Grand Prize Competition of Art Revolution Taipei (2015 & 2017), has received the excellence award in Art Olympia in Tokyo – in 2017 and 2019 and was a finalist at CFA “Artist of the year 2018”, and has won other awards.

In her art, Dita explores the way light brings out depth and atmosphere of spaces and she uses it to create the sense of silence and solitude. Medieval patterns enhance the depth, they seem loaded with memories and add a dimension of time to the paintings. Patterns can entrance the viewer, or, quite contrary, let one experience the moments of awareness and forget about time.

Dita says: “The sources of inspiration are various. It may be a moment I want to hold on to – sun rays on the floor, scent of flowers, echo of steps in a hall. An inspiring journey, a revelation brought by a book about science or philosophy. Or sometimes, a moment of mutual understanding, a feeling of kinship. I perceive the world visually, and I yearn to convey the visions that inspire me further.”

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