Ewa Hauton

Of Polish origin, Ewa Hauton is a painter who has lived in France since 1990.

Painting has always been a part of Ewa Hauton’s life.  Even when she was very small, she was surrounded by the brushes of her mother who was also an artist and who encouraged her to follow her dreams and, her dream was creativity.  The artist was born in Poland where she studied painting at the Academy of Art. She arrived in France in 1990 and in 1991, she won the award entitled “Stars of Painting.”  Having obtained her degree simultaneously as an Artistic Director in Advertising, in addition to her artistic activities, she started working as a graphic designer, a visual artist and scenographer.

Even though she had devoted herself exclusively to painting for 10 years, it was a meeting with the choreographer Evelyne Jolivet after her move to Nantes which defined the true orientation of the subject of Ewa Hauton’s paintings. They managed to find a common language that inspired them both. Movement and an expression of life were incorporated into the canvases of the artist.

After having met the choreographer, the paintings of Ewa Hauton revolved around the human body and more specifically, the feminine form, in movement. She mixes ink and paint in a manner that is both crude and delicate at the same time and revels in large formats that enable her to display movement. In ink, the artist’s palette is limited to black and white, sometimes with a touch of colour to identify what is essential, namely the hint of life.

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