Jesper Krijgsman

Jesper Krijgsman uses photography and image editing to bring his supernatural landscapes to life. In his compositions, he uses only photographed natural elements and merges them one by one into a virtual dream world. His digital daydreams show highly detailed worlds in which the mystical qualities of the natural world are magnified. Although bringing everything together is a precise and technical process, it is mainly led by intuition. When placing his elements, he thinks less of the biological properties of certain plants or flowers than of the feeling that they radiate. His inspiration comes from dreams, emotions and fantasies. Although the compositions are fictional, Jesper uses only natural elements in his compositions. Everything you see is reflected in our natural world. By photographing and editing everything himself, the production of his works has strengthened his connection to nature. Through his compositions Jesper hopes to bring the viewer into a world in which biology, dreams and emotions fit together. His goal is to look at nature with different eyes and perhaps a little more empathy and imagination. 

Jesper was born in Amsterdam in 1992 and lives in Switzerland where he works as a graphic designer and visual artist. He taught himself everything about image editing and photography.


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