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Parasol Beach

Annabelle Shelton
Watercolour on aluminium
84 x 120cm
Year of creation:

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About artist

Annabelle Shelton

Annabelle Shelton holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Staffordshire University and a Post-Graduate Diploma & MA in Fine Art from Birmingham City University. She is based at the Sanctuary Space, Northampton. Shelton is a former member of the Market Project - a collective researching and sharing new methods and opportunities for artistic professional and economic development.

Shelton was awarded the 2nd place at the Neo Art Prize 2013 for ‘Black holes at Weymouth’. In 2015 Shelton’s work appeared in the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition and the Discerning Eye as a selected artist by Curator Stephen Snoddy of the New Art Gallery Walsall.

Looking at the larger beach scenes by Annabelle Shelton we encounter very quickly an unsettling paradox between the beach as an endless and timeless space, and the detailed minutiae of the many individuals choreographed across the surface of the work.

Shelton’s work focuses upon the beach as a destination that continually draws large crowds of sun-worshipers, families on their annual holidays and seasonal tourists. The beach in her paintings becomes an indefinable landscape as it is systematically transposed into a white neutral space.

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