In Quiet Communication

Amanda Horvath
Acrylic on canvas
102 x 102cm
Year of creation:

About artist

Amanda Horvath

Amanda Horvath studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University where she obtained a BA degree and subsequently lectured. Surrounded by a rugged landscape, Horvath now focuses on painting from her studio in Derbyshire. She gathers visual material en plein air, i.e. outdoors, in response to the dramatic elements of nature. 

Beginning with rapid drawings in her sketchbook or using a camera, these preliminary pieces are translated into finished works. The paintings are created expressively in acrylics often with a palette knife, applying layer on layer until reaching a natural conclusion.

Amanda Horvath notes: “Painting is a response to the beautiful landscape around me; the experience of being in the places as much an important part of the process as drawing. My close relationship with nature and my love of the outdoors are expressed in the marks I make on the canvas, brought to the inside space. I attempt to capture the spirit of the land and that quiet sense of tranquillity that coexists with closeness to the natural world. I am moved by dramatic light sweeping over the rugged elements chased by clouds and the timeless changing moods in wild places affected by weather conditions.”

Amanda Horvath now exhibits on a global scale and her paintings have found homes with private collectors in the United Kingdom, Europe, America and Asia.

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