Exotique 6

Oil on canvas
92 x 76cm
Year of creation:

About artist

Nathalie Maquet

Nathalie Maquet is a contemporary French artist.  After studying Mathematics at the Imperial College London, she moved away from working in finance to pursue creativity. She undertook a BA in Fine Art at the City & Guilds of London Art School which she completed in 2012.  She currently lives and works in London.

 For Nathalie, painting enables interaction with an inner world that comes to life in the creation and viewing of a work of art. Her paintings are about sensations experienced outdoors, in particular landscape and light. She has been exploring landscape from two different points of view, micro and macro: up close to discover the depths of nature, or further away to explore a wider expanse of the landscape.

Her landscapes are about a spontaneous experience of the world, and an always changing and flowing reality, rather than a realistic representation of nature itself. Viewers are invited into the imaginary, where they experience a fluid and vibrant world of light and colour.

An intuitive process guides Nathalie where painting evolves organically. This is a process of taking natural forms such as flowers or a landscape that has a strong physical structure, and then de-constructing them. Shapes and details are radically simplified to discover nature’s essential form.

Nathalie is also interested in exploring rhythm, and how organic and natural patterns are used to create a feeling of movement, and a sense of balance and harmony.

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