New Dawn

Viktor Kucheryavyy
Oil on canvas
45 x 55cm
Year of creation:

About artist

Viktor Kucheryavyy

Viktor Kucheryavyy is a self-taught Ukrainian artist whose foray into Fine Art began rather spontaneously.

Curious about trying his hand at painting since childhood, it wasn’t until the age of 35 that he finally decided to give it a try. One December morning 12 years ago, Viktor was passing an art supplies store and felt the urge to enter. He bought his first canvas and paints there and then. 

At that point in time, Viktor was a family man and a successful businessman with no art training whatsoever (his education was in Engineering). But once he started painting, he has never been able to put down his brushes for long. He perused books and experimented with techniques to teach himself the essentials first, and then to find his voice as an artist.

Having always been fascinated by nature, Viktor took to painting landscapes. In his work, he is driven by the desire to emphasise the beauty of the little things, to capture those fleeting moments of everyday magic that make life so special. Viktor is especially mesmerised by the light and its power to illuminate the essential, as well as the water and its ability to mirror and reflect. His pieces make it apparent – he relishes the challenge of making his paintings look as realistic as possible, striving to perfect his craft to do justice to mother nature. 

Today, Viktor Kucheryavyy’s art can be found in private collections across not just Ukraine, but also France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, China, Russia and the United States. 

When he is not painting, Viktor loves spending time with his wife and sons, fishing, and working in his orchard.

About the work

The play between the light and the dark has always fascinated Viktor Kucheryavyy as an artist, and this piece is his attempt to capture the beauty of the contrast, the intricate interplay, the ying and yang balancing one another out. It’s all about appreciating various aspects of life, and looking towards an optimistic future, embodied in this lively summer landscape.

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