Pez entre las flowers

Valeria Pesce
Oil and Acrylic on canvas
35cm diam
Year of creation:

£ 650.00

About artist

Valeria Pesce

Valeria Pesce is an Italian artist living in Barcelona, the place where she began her career as a painter combining it with her work as a graphic designer. She is a self-taught painter working in oils, acrylics and watercolour. Since she started, painting has become an urgent need. Fascinated mostly by pulsating life, water, but also people and nature in general. Water as an element in eternal transformation. Fish as elusive coloured dots constantly moving in the water which occasionally becomes the sky where all manner of creature may fly. The colours are the vectors of her emotions. 

She usually works on different paintings and subjects at the same time, on small or round canvases as much as on very large or stretched ones, it depends on the energy of the day. She starts painting with a rough idea but the final result on canvas is often completely different from the initial concept. The most difficult task is to decide whether a painting is finished or not because for her painting is a never ending process; sometimes she likes to retouch old paintings, add something or simply repaint them anew.

About the work

What I love about flowers is their ability to express drama, elegance, passion, strength and delicacy at the same time, a complete range of emotions conveyed through form and colour. Vibrant and sensitive, flowers can create new worlds where everything is possible, where a white fish can weightlessly swim among the flowers.

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