Delphinium Rising

Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo
Watercolour on clayboard
61 x 46cm
Year of creation:

£ 1,440.00

About artist

Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo

Born in the American Pacific Northwest, I made my way east and eventually settled in Montreal, Canada. I spent my childhood revelling in nature, the vast array of flowers and trees, the coastline and mountains of Oregon. I miss those landscapes still and so try to capture the essence of natural surroundings in my work.

I began my artistic career by studying life drawing and black and white photography at the Boston Museum School. After moving to Montreal and finding myself without a darkroom, I started to experiment with watercolours and oils. The world of colour opened itself up and because I was essentially self-taught, I developed techniques that suited my desire to be a realist painter. 

After a decade of exhibiting still lifes in solo and group shows, I devoted six years almost exclusively to painting large-scale watercolour portraits in subtle tones of brown and grey highlighted with well-placed touches of colour. While I still paint portraits, most of my recent work represents a return to nature as seen in my various series: the ocean, water lilies and koi, birds, gardens and flowers.  

The theme that remains constant throughout my work is the repetition of motifs: rippled reflections in water, waves breaking on the shore, light and dark masses of leaves, even the intricate patterning created by shadows on the skin.

About the work

Also in watercolour painted on Claybord, because the smooth surface lends itself to the capturing of perfect detail. For years, I have been painting water images, including life above and below the surface. Waterlilies fascinate because while the tangle of dark roots hides below, the glorious blooms float on and above the water.

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