About us

Founded in September 2017, the Eclectic Gallery specialises in contemporary art working closely with emerging and established international artists.

The Gallery represents a selection of renowned artists from all over the world, including the UK, Spain, Argentina, Belarus, France and Canada. Located in Portobello Road, we are committed to helping talented artists by offering an opportunity to display their work in a new environment and making their art accessible to a wider public.

The alliance of wine and art is our main concept. The art gallery and the wine bar permit our guests to enjoy a bottle of good wine with friends, family or colleagues, while you contemplate and explore our art.

We aim to present contemporary art group- and solo-shows of a variety of styles and techniques in the hope that we could satisfy every visitor's taste.

140 Portobelo,

London W11 2DZ, UK

Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday 10AM - 11PM

10 Little Turnstile,

London WC1V 7DX, UK

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