Her majesty's voice

Timothy Matthews
Oil on canvas
50 x 70cm
Year of creation:

£ 680.00

About artist

Timothy Matthews

Timothy studied Film & TV, Design & Animation at North East Wales Institute where he obtained a BA Hons Degree in 2003. He began traditional oil painting in 2010, using photographs as reference.  His main subject matter are cats. He enjoys painting cats and their innocent curiosity, playfulness and their humour. He usually creates small vignettes for the cats, incorporating his love of interiors, colour & composition.  He draws as accurately as he can, painting slowly and trying to work loosely.  In the finished painting, the focal points, usually the cats or what they are looking at, have more detail.  All his cat paintings are varied as he likes to try new ideas, but often a series of paintings do have a running theme.

The meaning of his work: "nothing too in depth, I simply enjoy painting cats in various settings. I do try to make the compositions appeal with various colours/patterns etc. and always inject an element of surrealism.  I also maintain a level of humour in the paintings which the subject matter lends itself too naturally.”

Each piece is unique although essentially all the paintings add to a continuous body of work.  He hopes to paint these cats as a never-ending cycle for collectors to enjoy.

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