Magic City

Ernesto Kunde
Acrylic and spray on linen
121.92 x 121.92 cm
Year of creation:

£ 2,280.00

About artist

Ernesto Kunde

Ernesto Kunde was born in Paraíso do Sul, Brazil in 1973. After a brief stint re-discovering his family roots in Germany (where he worked in agriculture in Mosbach), Kunde returned to Brazil in 1995 where he first began his artistic journey by experimenting with works on paper: drawings and controlled coffee stains. Since then, Kunde has narrowed his aesthetic focus into painting on a diverse range of surfaces (most prominently found wood and canvas).

He displays a keen eye for interpreting his tropical surroundings maintaining a colloquial tone: the vital elements of Miami as a natural and urban biosphere are omnipresent for Kunde, appearing on cuts of canvas, linen, found wood, corrugated aluminium, and stainless steel.

He infuses his work with a Pop Art sensibility, choosing highly saturated, contrasting tones with completely opaque shadow. Color gradients and differentials are just barely visible beneath intense layers of paint; the world may not be rendered in such stark appearances, but Kunde remains impressionable as each moment is firmly imprinted onto his mediums.

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