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The Nest

Laurène Boglio
Ink on paper (Framed)
24 x 18cm
Year of creation:

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The Nest

The Nest

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About artist

Laurène Boglio

Laurène Boglio is a French artist, illustrator, and graphic designer who lives and works in London. 

Most recently, she led the creative helm of celebrated illustrated film magazine Little White Lies, and she has worked independently across a diverse range of media, for an eclectic mix of clients—from the Guardian to Taylor Swift.

Studying in Paris and Strasbourg, Boglio has expertly tuned a unique and distinctive artistic style to incorporate her own smart (yet playful) humor. This trait resonates throughout her breadth of work and is most prominent when brought to life by her fun-infused GIF animations.
With a passion for illustrating people, landscapes, and typography, she utilizes a range of techniques, always producing art with her truly original and compelling aesthetic.
Through her work, Boglio strives not only to create the finest visuals and storytelling but also to challenge her viewers’ perspectives. She says, “Dare to be creative. Be inspired by others. Find your own way of expression.”

Clients include: BBC, Branchage, The BFI (British Film Institute), Bureau Export de la Musique Française, Chase, Le Chocolat des Français, Converse, Discovery Channel, Facebook, Fawcett Society, Flammarion, General Electric, Giphy, Grey Magazine, The Guardian, Huck Magazine, Little White Lies, many music bands, Milk Magazine, Mint magazine, My French Film Festival, The Observer, Shore Scripts, Sofitel, Taylor Swift, Tumblr, ZEIT, and Zut magazine.

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