The Earth XXXVI

Victoria Kovalenchikova
Mixed media, oil on canvas
100 x 150cm
Year of creation:

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The Earth XXXVI

The Earth XXXVI

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About artist

Victoria Kovalenchikova

Victoria Kovalenchikova was born in Belarus, moved to Amsterdam in 2008 and opened her own gallery and studio, where she permanently shows her artworks. Her paintings can be found at many museums such as: Museum of Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Belarusian Contemporary Fine Art Museum, The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus (all in Minsk, Belarus) or Maslennikov Art Museum. 

Ms Kovalenchikova represents the monumentality of the continents and the power of the earth on her works. Her huge canvases reveal the importance of the details, by layering fragments of seashell, sand, and glass into mountains and divets on her paintings. As a result, she creates marvellous 3D works. 

Victoria's paintings demonstrate a strong knowledge of art history. Her fascination with the cityscape - both its architecture and inhabitants - is evident in most of her works. She frequently attempts to portray the passage of time by recalling seemingly innocuous events, ingrained in our collective memory, unfolding at specific locations.

Recently Victoria started to create new EARTH paintings, which are dedicated to our planet and universe. Most importantly, she views her creative process as a means of representing the kaleidoscope of life by piecing together its infinite fragments.

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