Juan del Pozo Spain, United Kingdom, b. 1969

Spain, United Kingdom
The artist Juan del Pozo is the son and apprentice of José Rodríguez, a Spanish painter influenced and inspired by the Spanish landscapes. Born in 1969 and raised by his father, del Pozo showed artistic flair from a very young age. He relocated to Madrid to study and it is there that he successfully continued the family tradition.
Having worked as a professional painter since 1989, del Pozo exhibited extensively across Spain and Portugal. He has also won prestigious awards in various categories. The versatile artist has a passion for many themes but predominantly concentrates on cityscapes, portraits and still lifes. He wasn’t happy being restricted to merely using oils for his paintings so he decided to explore other techniques like engraving, gouache and watercolour. He is also fond of the architectural elements of Madrid and Istanbul.
Juan del Pozo has accepted commissions to paint murals in different locations across Spain, and was also the Art Director of Idealiza, a company that specialises in architecture.
Del Pozo’s elaborate artworks can be found in private collections in Spain and Portugal as well as Italy, Britain, Sweden, USA, Turkey and Brazil.